This one's for the kids who don't have it figured it out. We felt the same way so we wanted to share this song with ya. Keep your head up and keep moving forward. #dontworry

Verse 1:
Woke up to a bunch of congratulations
That's validation for my recent graduation
Now I wish the world would leave me alone
Wish my friends who got jobs would stop blowing up my phone
I'm feeling stressed what you mean it's ok
I moved home with student loans that I couldn't pay
Goddamn, I never made a plan that's their fucking job
Got so busy doing stupid shit I guess I got forgot

I don't know man, doesn't seem right
I threw my resume out there that shit on multiple sites
No bites, no interviews tryna figure out the move
But this shit is overwhelming so I sit back and booze
The pressure to figure out in a hurry has got me stressin'
The direction I'm headed is kinda blurry
The depression is concerning it's possessive I've been hurting
My head is below the surface must confessed that I'm worried

Verse 2:
Don't worry about that job, don't worry about that rate
Just keep on moving everything gonn' be ok
Sooner or later, just take a little time to reflect
And ask yourself if you've been working hard to find out what's next
I know the method to the pen and pad is not overnight
Could put 10,000 hours into this before it takes flight
That goes for everyone, this applies to more than just rapping
Long as you making active moves to have pursuit of your passion

We gonn' be fine, and we gonn' figure it out
Shit I was 23 rapping out of my parent's house
That shit is humbling, I wonder if they questioned me once
I wonder if there was a moment they felt bad for their son
Who knows, I never stuck around to figure it out
I made a move across the country had to drive the whole route
And now we cruising out in Cali making moves in a hurry
If I could tell my 23 year old self not to worry, yo I was stressed out