Studio Until?
Directed by SANGARANG
Documentary, 50min

Living from deadline to deadline, architecture students navigate their lives in studio, and abroad.

Most of the time, there is not enough space in their dorms to build the models, nor the equipment to print out their A1 drawings. So they come into studio.

A work space and a home. It all spills over. As all-nighters become more frequent towards crits and deadlines, the studio becomes a caffeine-fueled sanctuary.

The trip to Venice can’t come soon enough. Finally, a break. They want to make the most of it, yet they need to catch up on sleep. Will they have a chance to look back?


SANGARANG은 몽환적인 이미지를 통해 복잡 미묘한 일상생활을 탐구하는 데 몰두한 영화제작자이다.  
Preoccupied with exploring the intricacies of the everyday through dreamlike images.