Runway Park
Directed, Designed by SANGARANG
Short Film+ 1:20 Model

How can an abandoned airport runway transform into a public park over time?

A space meant for planes to land is divided up into zones of play. The existing graphics painted to guide the pilot are reappropriated by thinner, more human lines.

Using the  language of coloured lines that is the basis of games and sports, it is redesigned to serve a more diverse range of activity.

However, can this be maintained? As the paint fades, and the grassland creeps in, what was once a space used by planes, then by people, can return to the earth.


SANGARANG은 몽환적인 이미지를 통해 복잡 미묘한 일상생활을 탐구하는 데 몰두한 영화제작자이다.  
Preoccupied with exploring the intricacies of the everyday through dreamlike images.