128 Rooms
Designed by SANGARANG
Student Project

Can an office to residential conversion be retrofitted to more humanely provide for its community?

Inspired by Karel Teige’s ‘The Minimum Dwelling’, this design seeks to create a collective schema of individual units of dwelling centred around shared facilities.

A space to live in that not only supports the basic necessities to live, but also provides something more in reaction to the site’s physical and social context.

Redesigning Templefield’s House, in Harlow, this is a response to the increased marketisation of housing solutions that have not taken responsibility to the resident’s everyday living experience.


SANGARANG은 몽환적인 이미지를 통해 복잡 미묘한 일상생활을 탐구하는 데 몰두한 영화제작자이다.  
Preoccupied with exploring the intricacies of the everyday through dreamlike images.