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Sangarang’s musical career, albeit relatively new, is one that is marked with notes of storytelling and personal experience. Billy Sang grew up in Dallas, TX, and then went on to study entrepreneurship and management at Baylor University. Upon graduating, Sang walked the all-too-familiar corporate path. This new lifestyle, while rich with monetary gain, came at a creative loss. It didn’t take long for Sang to leave his corporate lifestyle in search for something more meaningful. Meaning, for Sangarang, was found through music.

Everything that had given him security for so long – his family, friends, and home – were now just glimpses in the rear view mirror, as Sang drove towards a world of discomfort and uncertainty. Since his time in L.A., Sang dove headfirst into the world of music. In his first year, he graduated from Icon Collective Music Production School, released a full album, an E.P., and multiple singles. His relentless persistence and unwavering optimism have materialized in the form of over 25,000 Spotify listeners monthly.

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